Adrestia: Sublime Balance

Adrestia was venerated as a goddess of revolt, just retribution and sublime balance between good and evil.

In this game you aim to keep all entities that are in a battle alive.


  • you can drag and drop the order of your 'commands'; you can click on them to change them at the start of the battle.

  • You can unlock more 'commands' on the board with BP (Board Points). To obtain board points end a battle.

Board Points

  • 1 BP if you end the battle too quickly
  • 2 BP if you take your time
  • 5 BP if you let them live long enough
  • 0 BP if you exceed the number of turns

Other Information

  • you can let the game play itself by clicking 'Auto'
  • there is no randomness. Effects are NOT random. Discover them.


  • add tooltips and prepare codebase for further updates.
  • show actor's stats on both sides
  • enable auto battle by default
  • add async multiplayer

ps: async multiplayer was planned, and it may be re-enabled later on, but I had trouble with firebase.

pps: thanks for playing!


Download 520 kB
Download 1 MB


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I can't comment on the LD site right now, so I'll post here instead. I really like the mechanics of this, I think it just needs some UI work to communicate information to the player better.