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Please, compile an executable for Windows.

Absolutely! It is right now locked because it was a JAM submission, but in about a week, I’ll have the next update AND a windows and mac versions available. If you cannot wait until then, I can try making a link available on… dropbox?

Thank you for reply. It would be awesome to download it from dropbox.

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I am waiting for the end of the jam (in 5 days! to upload to but in the meantime, here’s an executable for windows on dropbox:

(just download the zip, unzip and double click on re-wand.exe)


Great game! btw while playing I believe I've found an exploit:

The space I'm on rn is a steak so I can just keep going back to the tentacle eyes man and getting infinite healing mana and money. (On level 8)

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nvm, I think it's intended since cards are starting to change after you go over them, and the cards ahead are getting stronger (ah I see what the food does now)


yes, it's intended. There are also rewards to get infinite mana that, with a nautilus let's you get infinite health too... which is needed for level 10 on hard mode. 

Oh, and there's a soft cap of 99 for money, but I plan on adding a reward to remove it and let you probably also get infinite money.

Thanks for playing it!


Cool Idea. I like it :)



This game is awesome! Very addictive (is a good way)

Thanks for making it ♥


Having a gameplay video helps a lot. Thanks so much for playing my game!


I've been playing this since your first post, I like the card game and how it has become. The illustrations are amazing and the strategy to get to the final is very cool! I love it :)

Ah thanks so much!